Meet Brent

It is my pleasure to introduce Brent.

Brent describes himself as 5’10 with brown hair, blue eyes and funny. Brent says that he wants people to know that he is funny and intelligent. Brent likes Dodge ball, video games, go-carts, RC cars, basketball, and military vehicles including tanks. Brent likes to be outside riding four-wheelers and being active. However, he can read a book and stay to himself.

Brent loves chicken nuggets and McDonalds. Brent says that if he had two wishes it would be to win a million dollars and have superpowers, like being able to fly. Brent says that he would give the money to his family to help them out.

Brent sometimes struggles in school, but has done well in the classroom. Sometimes, Brent struggles to express himself appropriately, but is making progress every day. Brent is respectful, and has a great sense of humor. Brent has a hard time talking about his strengths as he has been through a lot in life.

Brent has many positive attributes to contribute to a family and needs a family that’s understanding. Brent has shown himself to be resilient as life has been hard. Are you the family Brent has been waiting on?​

Are You Interested?

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