Meet Brenelle, Cornelia, Kyleigha, Lanceyah, Brandon Jr, Rylance, Valencia, & Markus

Meet this awesome sibling group of 8! They have so much to offer to a family that is ready to take on the challenge of a large sibling group. The siblings are currently split up in different homes but would love more than anything to be able to be adopted together. There are 9 siblings total; however, the oldest sibling will be 18 in the near future and does not wish to be adopted. It is very important these siblings all stay connected to one another no matter what.

Brenelle is a 13 year old girl who loves being a big sister and is very creative and artistic. Brenelle likes to read and do beading. She would love to be able to play volleyball. Brenelle would like to be a part of a family that has pets.

Cornelia is a kind, helpful 12 year old girl. Cornelia enjoys cooking and helping around the house with day to day things such as making beds and doing laundry. Cornelia is becoming an independent young adult.

Kyleigha is an 11 year old with a whole lot of spunk and a big personality. Kyleigha is so smart and loves to read books and learn new things. She has great communication skills and enjoys talking with those around her.

Lanceyah is 9 years old and has a bright, bubbly personality. Lanceyah enjoys reading and playing with her sisters. She has an active imagination and loves to tell stories.

Brandon Jr is a sweet 7 year old boy. He enjoys riding his bike and playing legos. Brandon enjoys helping around the home and continues to learn how to be trusting of others.

Rylance is a busy 6 year old boy. Rylance enjoys being on the go and stays busy with legos, riding his bike, and playing outside. He is strong willed, determined, and knows what he wants.

Valencia is a 5 year old girl who loves to laugh and has a contagious smile. She loves to sing, dance, and be silly. She is very polite and has great manners. Valencia is a happy and upbeat little girl.

Markus is 3 years old and can be very stoic and serious at times. Markus can be very playful in settings where he is comfortable and familiar. He is a very sweet and affectionate little boy. Markus is very bonded to his current caregivers.


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