Brenden 7330

“My friends would say that I am kind, and I am generous, and I give lots of care to those around me.”

Brenden is a creative teen who loves to build and invent things. He can turn something that may no longer be useful into something useful again by repurposing it. He loves to build things with Legos, but he also likes to be creative with paper, tape, scissors, etc. When Brenden grows up, he wants to be an inventor and continue to create things. He likes school and his favorite class is science. Brenden likes to be social and he is helpful. He has recently found an interest in cooking and is eager to learn more about cooking new things. Brenden is looking for a ‘no matter what’ family that will provide him with love and support. He would benefit from having a family that can help guide him into becoming a successful adult while giving him the attention he needs.

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