Meet Aydn

Do you often have trouble setting up some of your electronic devices? Well, Adyn [b. July 2009] could be your “in-house” tech guru or part of your own Geek Squad! Adyn is bright, active and energetic, and will fully engage in things that interest him. He loves swimming and says that he’s a good swimmer.

Adyn likes to go for rides on his bike and to play soccer. If he is not feeling like being outdoors, Adyn might choose to play video games. However, the one thing he loves to do the most is tinkering with electronic things – like old broken radios or broken motorized toys – to see how they work. Adyn likes going to school to learn and to socialize and play with his friends. Adyn receives assistance at school so he can continue to meet his educational goals.

Adyn does have two older sisters who are being adopted and he would like to find a family who is supportive of his maintaining a relationship with them. If you’ve been tinkering with the idea of expanding your family and think that a young future engineer like Adyn could be a good fit, let us know. We are looking to connect Adyn with his forever adoptive squad!


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