Meet Aydin

Charismatic and outgoing, are two ways to definitely describe Aydin. He loves to meet new people and enjoys conversation with people. Aydin loves to ask questions and is incredibly smart. He loves to read and learn about geography, science and animals.

Aydin likes to stay active and enjoys being outside and playing kickball. He also has a creative side and enjoys participating in arts and crafts as he is very good at building things. Aydin loves to build, draw, and create art projects, it is a soothing activity for him. In school his favorite class is PE, as he says he gets to run and play games, even kickball.

When Aydin grows up he would like to be a fireman or police officer, so he can help people. A family that can advocate for him and provide substantial structure, stability and guidance is ideal. A committed family that is able to provide lots of one-on-one attention, support and most of all, love is needed.

Please Note: Only families living in Kansas are being considered at this time.

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