Meet Ava, Liz, & Millie

Ava-Lynne prefers to be called Ava. She is a smart, sweet, and musical 15 year old girl who is in the 10th grade. She tries hard in school and enjoys singing, making music, and listening to music. Ava enjoys spending time with others and is able to build positive relationships. Ava enjoys spending time with her sisters and her relationships with them are important to her.

Millicent prefers to be called Millie. She is an energetic and spunky 14 year old. Some of her favorite things are music, sports, and BIllie Eilish. Millie likes to keep busy, and is very active and social. She makes friends easily, and enjoys spending time with others. In school, she is in the 9th grade and puts forth great effort.

Elizabeth “Liz” is a sweet 14 year old. She and Millie are twins. Liz is a little quieter when you first meet her but opens up quickly. She enjoys listening to Taylor Swift albums and can play the guitar. Liz does well in school and is in 9th grade. She enjoys spending time with friends at school and her sisters.


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