Meet Autumn

Autumn is an 11 yr. old girl, with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is tall for her age, and has a strong build- which really helps when she plays basketball. She has played basketball for school teams, and is getting ready to start a weekend league as well. Autumn enjoys a variety of things. She loves various types of art, and enjoys learning how to use new mediums and supplies. Autumn loves music and dancing.

Like all kids, she loves playing on an iPad, and watching TikTok. Autumn was in the gardening club at school, and really enjoyed that. Autumn is an animal lover. She loves all types of animals. Her favorite animal is her new kitty cat. She said she would like to get a dog next. She likes to play with friends. Autumn does best with a family who has time to devote and attention to her. She enjoys being doted on, and letting people brush her hair, and do her makeup. She is appropriately affectionate, and loves big hugs. She can get bored easily, and does best with schedules and doing things to fill the time. Like a lot of kids her age, she still needs to be encouraged daily to shower, brush her teeth, brush her hair, etc… She is of the opinion that she has great taste and enjoys getting new clothes. Now, if only we could get her to keep them clean and put away properly; lol.

Autumn is typically soft spoken, but like any pre-teen girl, can get loud at times. She talks with a slow drawl that is common of her Appalachian heritage and culture- as is her love of Transparent pie! Autumn is working on dealing with negative emotions in positive and acceptable ways. She is working on learning more patience. She remains optimistic and hopeful about the future and she wants a loving family, a stable home, and parents who choose her and want her. She deserves to have all that and more.


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