Austin F0031

Austin loves all things basketball! He works hard to make good grades.

Austin is a tall, slender, handsome young man described as very sweet and thoughtful, and a “good kid at heart.” Austin loves all things basketball! He is athletic, and stays in shape running, because he says it keeps him ready for basketball season. He also enjoys running track and playing football, and he says he would like to try other sports as well, if given the opportunity. Austin would love to talk to you about his favorite sports teams and players, and shoot some hoops with you.

Academically, Austin enjoys school, works hard to make good grades at school, and he takes pride in doing well.

In his free time, he enjoys playing video games but he is definitely more of an outdoors person. One of his favorite activities is fishing- and he could happily spend hours casting and reeling in fish at a day at the lake, if he was ever given the chance.

Austin will do best in a family that doesn’t have a lot of other children so they can give him the time and attention he wants and needs.

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