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Meet Ashton & Robert ‘RJ’

Being outside and riding their bikes is something brothers Ashton & Robert like to do.

Older brother Ashton likes to fix and build things and is proud of this ability. Some of his other hobbies are playing sports, like tackle football, basketball and weightlifting. Keeping busy and participating in hobbies are fun to Ashton, out of all of them, he states football is his favorite. In school he doesn’t have a particular favorite class, however he does like art class and enjoys drawing. When he grows up he wants to be either a police officer or in the military.

Younger brother Robert likes to jump ramps on his bike. He cares a lot about animals and enjoys taking care of cats and dogs. Robert is also a sports enthusiast and loves playing football, baseball and basketball. In school his favorite subject is PE and he likes to run around and play games. Robert looks up to his brother quite a bit and wants to be just like him, he even laughs at all his jokes. When he grows up he wants to be in the Air Force or Marines.

Both brothers will need a committed family that can provide a lot of guidance, structure and support. An active family that can include them in their activities and keep them involved in sports would be great.

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