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Meet AshLea & Hailey

Sisters, Hailey and AshLea, share a mutual love of baking and animals. Hailey and AshLea are friendly and outgoing and enjoy spending time with their friends playing board games, singing, and dancing.

Hailey has a wide variety of interests that include baking, playing basketball and two-hand touch football, as well as reading, drawing pictures, and playing the flute. She’s also found harvest to be a fun and exciting time on the farm—she loves to ride in her foster dad’s combine and trucks while listening to music. Hailey enjoys going to school and is particularly fond of her band and vocal classes.

AshLea is described as a sweet young girl that is always looking to help others. She enjoys reading, playing with animals, baking, sports, and drawing. AshLea’s faith plays an important role in her life. She enjoys attending Sunday school and reading devotions. She is very proud to be a Christian and is looking forward to getting baptized. Like her sister, AshLea also enjoys attending school where she particularly enjoys her math class.

Both Hailey and AshLea benefit from one-on-one attention in the classroom and are receiving supports within the school to help them reach their academic goals; they need a family that can work collaboratively with the school to ensure both Hailey and Ashley are supported and achieving success in the classroom.

Hailey and AshLea will thrive in a family that nurtures their interests and supports their education. A family that can offer them a stable, consistent daily routine with clear rules, expectations, and consequences would be ideal.


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