Meet Armond

Armond is a happy and smiley boy who likes to laugh! He’s an outdoorsy kid, and if he could, Armond would spend the day outside. He is pretty much always on the move, so keep up! Armond is fast and good at running and climbing. He likes to watch movies, and will snuggle up with you for a family movie night. He likes to jump on a trampoline, swim in the summer, look at books, and solve puzzles.

Armond is naturally happy and full of life and joy! What others like about Armond are his adventurous spirit, and how sweet he is. What is important for Armond in an adoptive family is that the parent(s) be patient, be able to keep a fairly strict routine, and be consistent with expectations and consequences. It is important for the parent(s) to be able to stay emotionally regulated, as Armond benefits from calm and patience in the home. He is an active boy, so it would be beneficial for Armond if his family were active as well. It would be best for Armond if he were with a family that can provide plenty of supervision and positive attention.

Are You Interested?

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