Arielle’s friends would described her as fun, cool and amazing!

Sit a spell to learn about Arielle. This girl has a passion for dancing, and like other teens her age, social media dances or challenges have captivated her attention. Whenever reading is involved, Arielle is excited.

Arielle enjoys getting messy in the kitchen, baking and cooking, when she isn’t dancing. She enjoys expressing herself with makeup. Outside, Arielle likes bobbing around on the trampoline and riding on her bike or scooter.

She admires actress Sky Katz and aspires to be on the Disney Channel, like Sky. Sparkles, purple, pink and turquoise are a winning combination for color perfection. Cats are always welcome creatures around Arielle. Chicken nuggets are her best-liked main dish. Social and happy, Arielle delights in joining in on fun and lives by the motto to “Always strive for your best.”

One-on-one attention from adults is important to this teen, and she enjoys her group of friends. Arielle hopes to be internet famous. She is in the ninth grade. Arielle would do best in a family with two parents in which she can be the youngest or only child in the home.

She has significant connections to maintain following placement. A Utah family is preferred due to these connections. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services. For families outside of Utah, only those families who have a completed home study are encouraged to inquire.

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