Meet Ariel

Ariel is a sweet girl that describes herself to be nice, helpful, and friendly. She is also a self-described “neat-freak” and loves for her room to be clean and organized. Ariel enjoys doing chores, housework, and helping out around the house. She loves to sing, dance, and play. Ariel is a “girly-girl” and loves to play with dolls. She loves stuffed animals and is always appreciative of anyone who helps her add to her collection! Ariel’s favorite outdoor activity is swimming. Her favorite television shows are cartoons, and she likes anything Disney. Her favorite movies are Moana and Boss Baby.

Ariel is not a picky eater and reports that she will eat just about anything except fish and seafood. Ariel says that she is always up for an adventure! She hopes to find a family that likes to travel and will help her to explore new places. Ariel hopes to have a pet one day, either a dog or a cat. Ariel is a Christian and would love for her forever family to attend church regularly.


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