Meet Antonio

Antonio is a sweet and easygoing child who is also incredibly active! He’s got a lot of energy and is always moving, so you’ll need to keep up with him! He enjoys toy cars and trains – because they’re always in motion, just like he is! Antonio admits that he also likes watching TV – and of course, his favorite TV shows and movies are about vehicles. He really likes animals too, and can do well with older and younger children – but he really thrives on one-on-one attention.

Antonio would do well in either a single-parent or two-parent family. He likes animals, but parents should be prepared to supervise interactions as sometimes Antonio can be a little too enthusiastic with pets. Although he gets along with older and younger children, it would be best if Antonio were the only child in the home – or at least much younger than other children – so that he can get all the attention he deserves.

The ideal family for Antonio will be one that has a flexible schedule, is patient, and is well-versed in early childhood trauma. The family should be prepared to emotionally support Antonio as he works through his early trauma, and should be open to learning new or different methods of discipline.


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