Meet Antonio, Miguel, Beverly, & Franchessca

Meet Antonio, 12, Miguel, 11, Franchessca, 9, and Beverly, 8, four outgoing, active siblings who would like to be adopted together into a loving, stable, calm, compassionate and patient family!

Running is a favorite pastime of Antonio. Antonio also enjoys being outside, playing with dogs and playing xBox games. His favorite class in school is social studies because he likes learning about Asia. He is very proud of his grades in school.

Miguel also enjoys running. Miguel likes playing outside – especially in the snow! Xbox games also are a favorite. Miguel’s favorite class is social studies because he likes learning about history. Miguel said he might like to be a construction worker when he grows up.

Franchessca, who likes to be called Frannie, enjoys drawing, painting, swimming, playing outside and spending time with her siblings. She’s proud that she’s a good speller and that she’s nice to people. She’s also proud that she’s a good sister. Her best friend is her younger sister, Beverly.

People who know Beverly, who goes by the name Bev, say she is a “delight to be around.” She’s kind, respectful and outgoing. She’s also very intelligent and excels in school. Bev enjoys reading, playing outside, riding bikes, swimming and spending time with family. She says she’s good at playing nicely with others and being helpful.





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