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Jonathan (b. April 2010) is a charismatic youngster with a bright smile. He also is gentle, sweet and playful. Jonathan loves to play basketball and football and his favorite video game is Fortnight. Jonathan tries really hard to get good grades, with his motivation being able to get his favorite drink at Jamba Juice. Jonathan is helpful and conscientious and will help around the house. Jonathan is a good artist and one of his favorite movies is Star Wars.

Anthony (b. February 2008) is an active young boy with loads of energy and who thrives in the outdoors! Anthony does have some trust issues and it takes him some time to be able to trust people around him. Anthony will do well in a home where he is able to participate in organized sports. Anthony needs encouragement to try new things as well as ongoing guidance and support and assistance with things like homework. He tends to be somewhat fearful of changes in his daily life. He can present as very shy at first but will become friendly as he gets to know you.

Isabella (b. June 2013) is an adorable little girl with a wonderful imagination. She is creative and enjoys the arts. Isabella is funny, social, engaging, and friendly. Like a true princess, she enjoys being the center of attention. Isabella is versatile in that she is happy to play flag football outside with her brothers but equally content having a tea party with dolls. Isabella loves to do crafts and her favorite holiday is Christmas.

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