Meet Anthony ‘AJ'

Someone who is smart and hardworking is a good way to describe Anthony.

He has had a job mowing lawns and really enjoyed it. Anthony also doesn’t mind doing chores as he wants to please others. He enjoys outdoor activities and considers himself to be an outdoorsman. Anthony is also characterized as kind, creative, funny, athletic, and easy to get along with.

Some of his main hobbies are soccer, music, computer games along with hunting and fishing. Anthony also is involved with FFA and debate as well. In school he says he likes all of his classes. When Anthony grows up he wants to be a first responder EMT or work in the agriculture field. He says he is proud to be an American and that he works really hard to be his best.

A family that can see his potential and provide him with lots of support and guidance would be great. A loving family that can commit to him and always be there for him is ideal.

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