Anna Marie, MJ, and PJ

“Jump rope, and walk, and hula hoops, I like all three of them!” – Anna Marie

“Me and my sister like to watch Paw Patrol on the TV. Me and my PJ love tablets.” – MJ

Anna-Marie is a six-year old female who is in the first grade. Anna is very kind and funny. Anna enjoys playing with her toys, playing outside, and watching cartoons. She also loves to play Minecraft when she gets a chance. At times Anna can be full of energy and can talk all day long about anything. Anna would do best in an environment that is patient, kind, and stable. Anna loves her brothers, she’s a great big sister and talks about them often.

Michael is a four-year old boy. Michael likes to go by M.J. He loves to play with his toys and stay busy. You will always see M.J. staying busy and advocating well for himself. M.J. really loves his sister and brother. M.J. is a very smart little boy, but can be very strong-willed in what he would like to do and can do better one on one. The ideal family for M.J. would have a strong father figure.

Phillip is a three-year old boy who goes by P.J. P.J. can advocate for himself very well. P.J. loves playing with his toys, but especially loves Paw Patrol and lives for it! You can often see him with his Paw Patrol backpack. He plays well with other children and advocates well for himself. P.J. loves his siblings and enjoys playing with them. P.J. is a very sweet boy who enjoys sitting next to people. The ideal family for P.J. would have an older sibling and have a big back yard for him to stay active in.

These siblings have a strong sibling connection and we hope to find them a forever family together!

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