Meet Anika

The outgoing Anika, who likes to go by “Ani,” is a wonderful teen to know! Known for her upbeat and happy disposition, engaging in conversations with others is a breeze. Ani has a lot to contribute to conversations, and she excitedly shares what is important to her. A recent conversation included a detailed list of the different candy she enjoys and hopes to try in the future and different food hacks she is learning. Ani is a creative child who loves writing and drawing and is a talented singer. When she needs some downtime, reading teen romance or horror books is Ani’s favorite. A budding chef, she loves noodles and pasta and can whip up a great macaroni and cheese dish. Ani is an animal adorer at her core, and she is especially fond of tigers. Supergirl is an idolized hero in her book, and she would want invisibility or flying if she had superpowers. The sweet Ani is a joy to be around, and she does well with adults and peers. She hopes to have a career working with animals.

Ani is now in the eleventh grade. She enjoys learning English and art most.

Ani would do best in a family with two moms or a single mom, with other children and pets in the home. Her worker remarks, “Ani would like to have her own room. She prefers a non-religious home as Ani is not religious.” Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

For families outside of Utah, only those families who have a completed home study are encouraged to inquire.


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