Andrew F0190

I’d like people to know, I’m kind, compassionate, honest, fun. I like to be around other people. I like animals too.

Andrew is a 16 yr. old Caucasian male. He has light brown hair, with natural blond highlights and curls. He wears glasses. He has a slender build and is approximately 5’9” tall. He’s in good physical health. Andrew said that he would like people to know he’s laid back, and fun to be around. Andrew has a quiet and shy nature about him. He speaks softly but clearly. It’s easy to see that he’s intelligent when talking to him.

Andrew displays good manners, is polite, and respectful. Andrew enjoys doing lots of things, but his two favorite activities are doing Yoga and reading science fiction books. Andrew has even taught a yoga class to some of his peers. When asked what the perfect outdoor activity for him would be, he said to just sit in a hammock and spend the day reading. Andrew said his favorite thing about his current living arrangement is all the books he has access to. Andrew said he likes animals, and that if he had the chance, he would get a pet cat. He said he likes their personalities and self-sufficient natures.

Andrew has never had the chance to go on vacation, but said that if he could choose to go anywhere, he would like to visit the Galapagos Islands, so he can see tortoises up close. Andrew said that he’s open to having new adventures with his future family. He’s looking forward to seeing, doing, and experiencing new things. Andrew said that he’s open to all different types of family structures. Andrew said that his favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. He said he loves the large variety of foods that are prepared, and to spend the day eating. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza. Andrew typically likes his food plain- such as cheeseburgers, hot dogs, etc… Andrew’s favorite color is green. Andrew said that he laughs easily, and finds lots of things funny. Andrew said that when given the chance to hang out with peers, he enjoys watching movies and hanging out. He said that his favorite subject in school is history. Andrew said that if someone were to look at his bedroom, they would see that he’s neat and nice.

Andrew has several independent living skills, including knowledge of how to clean his bathroom, bedroom, and do his own laundry. Overall Andrew is a great kid to be around and spend time with.

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