Meet Amiri, Azlynn, Asa, A’Juan & Arianna

Sibling clan, Amiri, Ajaun, Arianna, Azlynn and Asa, all love to be active and play!

The oldest, Amiri, is characterized as outgoing and sporty. He loves basketball and watching sports! Amiri also loves music and in school, he enjoys “all of the subjects.”

Next up is Ajaun, he is characterized as a very sweet and caring child. He also loves music! Ajaun loves to play pokemon as well!

Next is Arianna, she loves to help others and cares about them! She loves to dance and sing! She really enjoys school and like her older brother, she likes “all subjects.”

Azlynn, the second youngest, has the best imagination you could think of! She loves Disney Princesses and singing/dancing with her older sister. She loves to listen to jokes and make jokes of her own to tell.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is Asa! He loves playing with legos and his paw patrol toys! He loves hanging out with his older siblings and he definitely looks up to them!

This sibling set of children need a loving family that will commit to them and give them lots of support and guidance. An active family that likes to have fun is ideal. It would be best that these five siblings be adopted together in their forever home!

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