Amberly “Amber” F0081

“My friends would describe me as beautiful, kind, and helpful.”

Amber is a lovely young lady who enjoys being outdoors. During the summer months, she would love to be swimming, playing basketball, visiting zoos, aquariums or even outdoor parks, such as Kings Island. If she’s not outside, Amber can be found inside working on a puzzle or word search. She enjoys doing her hair and painting her nails too!

Amber is an A/B Honor roll student and her favorite subject is Math. She is a caring and compassionate youth, who has a smile that can light up a room!

Amber’s favorite meal is meatloaf and favorite candy is Swedish fish. She dreams of going to Disney World one day and when asked if she could go anywhere in the world, Amber said that she would love to go to Myrtle Beach because she has never seen the ocean. Amber’s favorite holidays are Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day because she loves making handmade valentine boxes, as that was a tradition with her birth siblings.

Amber comes from a large family and she hopes to become part of someone else’s family through adoption. Amber would like to have younger siblings as she enjoys babies and toddlers. She loves animals too and would like to have a dog.

Amber is legally free for adoption and is excited to meet families who want to get to know her!

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