Meet Abrianna

Abrianna “Bri” is a pleasant and cheerful young woman who makes friends easily. She enjoys listening to music of all genres (but likes oldies the best) and singing along. Abrianna likes to read James Patterson books. She adores animals, and would love to work in an animal shelter. Abrianna likes playing outside, drawing, and just having a good time. In the past, Abrianna was involved with a church youth group, which she enjoyed. Abrianna says her strengths are her honesty and love…and we would add, she’s also quite funny and smart!

Abrianna would do best in a family that is supportive and understanding. She will thrive in a family that will cheer her on, and let her know she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She does well with children, but it would be beneficial if Abrianna could be in a family that will spend one-on-one time with her. She wants a family that is accepting and loves her unconditionally – and she wants to feel like a normal teenager. It is important that an adoptive family understands how trauma can affect a child.

Are You Interested?

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