Abram 8666

If Abram could go anywhere, he would want to go to the Amazonian rainforest!

Abram is a very kind and helpful young man. He likes to put things together – so of course, building with LEGOs is one of his favorite activities. Abram likes to burn some energy by rock wall climbing or playing outside, and then, when he needs a little down-time, he relaxes with a video game. Abram collects stuffed animals.

In school, Abram’s favorite subject is science. Abram is a creative and intelligent student, reads well, and has a good sense of humor. When he’s playing outside, he’s often in search of fascinating bugs. If he could go anywhere, he would want to go to the Amazonian rainforest! Abram is sure he can find lots of interesting insects there! Abram would do best with a family that can provide him support, safety, and supervision. It would be beneficial for Abram to have at least one strong, male role model in the family. Parents will need to be patient and calm. The potential family will need to be consistent with routine, expectations, and consequences.

He would thrive as an only child in a home, and would benefit from being involved in extracurricular activities. It would be very beneficial for Abram if potential adoptive parents had an understanding of how trauma can affect a child. Abram hopes to have a family where the parents are funny and nice, and where he can spend one-on-one time with each parent.

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