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Meet Abigayle

Abigayle, or Abby is a very energetic young female who is a self-proclaimed “Fashionista.” Abby loves to shop for clothes and accessories whether it is the purchase of them or just window-shopping. She loves styles and changing them as often as possible. Abby loves to coordinate a hairbow and shoes as often as possible with her attire.

Abby is full of life and ready for an excursion at any time. Abby likes school and loves making new friends. She does well in class and likes to have as many one on one conversations as possible.

Abby considers most everyone a friend and that, at times, can cause her issues as she is very trusting and from time to time is hurt due to this.

Abby feels that family is the most important thing and looks forward to having her own family one day. She is very willing to explore and look into doing new things. She is very open minded and easy to get along with. Abby is a very happy child.‚Äč












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