Justin F0184

“If I had a family I would like to be treated kindly. A family is supposed to protect each other.”

Justin is a very polite and quiet young man. He loves music, outdoors, fishing, swimming, kayaking, Sudoku, puzzle books, Legos and tinkering with objects. He enjoys action movies with super heroes and watching Anime. Justin is fond of planting things and outdoor activities such as corn hole and badminton.

Justin enjoys people for the most part and usually interrelates well. He likes to play with smaller, younger children. Justin is developing independent living skills, and does need some direction. He also needs the assurance to know that someone is there for him, no matter how old or young he is. He will need much encouragement in both attempting new situations and in continuing to see himself in a positive light.

He wants to have a family of his own; a home to share in the lives of those who will offer him the chance to learn and grow, and to accept him to be who he is.

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