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       Brian Mavis


Janet Vestal Kelly

Vice President Strategic Partnerships

Julie Mavis

Vice President Programs

Ryan Kelly

Vice President of Operations

Laurie Zauche

Director of Operations

Paula Hoogland

Dream Makers
National Project Director

Kristin Allender

Child Welfare Specialist,
Executive Director
Tennessee Kids Belong

      Lisel Atherton

     I Belong Project™ Director
     Project Manager, Kansas


Krista Petty

Faith Sphere Manager

Lindy Johnson

Trauma Care Trainer &
Director of Organizational Health


Elle Flowers

I Belong Project™ Assistant,
& Social Media Manager

Shelby Mavis

Business Impact Manager

Patti Fisher

Administrative Assistant

Larry May

State Director, Indiana

Kristi Woolsey

Co-State Director,
South Dakota

Damen Woolsey

Co-State Director,
South Dakota

      Dayna Gleason

      Project Manager, Kentucky


Camille Tercero

Project Manager, New Mexico

Danny Johnson

Contracted Connector and Business Strategist

Travis Vangsnes

Contracted Grant Writer

Board Members

Tim Shirk
Chairman of Board

Director of Fox River Partners

Rick Rusaw
Board Member

CEO Spire / Exec Gloo

Todd Kinzle
Vice Chairman

Entrepreneur & Investor

Deborah Shropshire, M.D.
Board Member

Child Welfare Deputy Director of Community Partnerships

  Mark Deuschle
Board Member

President, Navajo Incorporated

Ed Gillespie
Board Member

Stragtegic Communications Advisor

Joe Ritchie
Board Member

Chairman of Fox River Partners


50-State brings a unique perspective to issue management, having overseen political campaigns, issue-advocacy efforts, and policy development in both parties in all 50 states. They provide insights into how states make decisions – and how to influence those decisions – regardless of what party is in office. 50-State provides issue advocacy, public relations, and public affairs strategies, as well as high-level political intelligence, to those who do business with, or are regulated by, state government.

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