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Understand how to make an impact on foster care through partnership with
local businesses, area churches, service groups, civic leaders and more.

Together, we’ll support foster families by seeing their needs and doing what we can to help.

Tennessee Kids Belong dramatically improves the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care.

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Did you know? There are nearly 9,000 kids in foster care in Tennessee.

LEARN about becoming foster parents and our I Belong Project.

Foster care is emotionally hard work. Nearly half of new foster parents stop within the first year due to a lack of social support. We seek more support for families – keeping them stronger and their doors open longer.

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You can volunteer, wrap around foster families, plant a wrap ministry in your church, engage local businesses, and more! Find your best fit.

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Tennessee Kids Belong equips leaders in government, business and faith communities to create a Foster Friendly state where the experience of foster families looks more like this:
  • The governor, mayor and other political leaders prioritize “improving the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care.”
  • Faith and civic organizations show up with care packages and groceries when foster families take on a new placement
  • Local restaurants offer discounts on meals for foster families.
  • Children in foster care enjoy discounts on practical needs like haircuts, school supplies and shoes; as well as such experiences as a photography session, and area recreational opportunities and attractions.


We invite you to learn more about our organization and the work we do!
We accomplish our mission to improve the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care through proven FAMILY RECRUITMENT, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT & COALITION BUILDING programs.
Everything we do is focused on finding families and support for vulnerable kids – making an impact in homes, communities and throughout the state.




We recruit more foster families to open their homes to the nearly 9,000 children in need of a temporary or permanent place to belong.


Our Foster Friendly programs educate, empower, and equip churches, businesses, and small groups to wrap around foster families’ unique needs.


We collaborate with
local and statewide leaders
to impact the ecosystem for foster, kinship and adoptive families, and the kids they serve.


The I Belong Project uplifts the stories, faces and voices of kids in foster care who are eligible for adoption to help connect them with forever families. We host video shoots across the state and take great care to ensure we are providing a safe, fun and therapeutic environment for the kids we have the privilege of serving.

Watch our recent montage. This is a compilation of incredible stories from our filming days last year. If you want to watch full videos, click to below and share these powerful videos with your people!