Will You Join The Fight?

Now that you’ve seen the story of Possum Trot and the difference that a few people can make in the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care, what will you do?

Explore Foster-Adopt

Explore Foster-Adopt

The Wrights and a handful of other people said, “Yes” to meeting kids in foster care where they are and providing safe, loving homes where healing could begin.

Our I Belong Project films 500+ adoption-eligible kids in foster care each year who are in need of families. Learn how to get started and::

Start A Foster Friendly Community

Start A Foster Friendly Community

In the film, it wasn’t until the entire community came together to wrap-around the adoptive families and support one another that the families — and then the kids — began to thrive.

Indiana Kids Belong is starting Foster Friendly Communities across the state to show up for foster and adoptive families as they care for vulnerable kids. Learn what it takes to:

6 More Ways You Can Help Change The Future For Vulnerable Kids

Explore Fostering

There are many models for fostering today, from 72-hour custodial care and respite care to short- and long-term placements. Explore fostering here in Indiana. Be sure to sign up for our national FosterCon webinar series to hear stories and get practical help.

Become A Foster Friendly Business

Your retail business can create an offer to support foster families, from food and entertainment offers to personal-care experiences and more.

Make A Gift

Become a partner by making a recurring gift to fund our work or make a direct impact by sponsoring an upcoming IBP shoot.

Plan A Movie Night

Invite friends, family, your community group, coworkers and others to see Sound of Hope. It’s a rare opportunity to lean into the real faces and needs of foster care.

Share I Belong Project Videos

Like and share the kids’ videos you see on our Facebook and Instagram feeds to help them reach as many people as possible. You never know whom you’ll inspire! Follow us:

Make Your Church Foster Friendly

Engage your faith community to care for foster and kinship families in your congregation and community at-large.

Why Foster Care Should Be A Top Priority For All Of Us

Being in foster care is an upstream contributor to many social wounds that diminish the flourishing of our youth and our communities as a whole.

What Happens When Kids Age Out Without Families


A majority of child sex-trafficking victims, from 50% to 90%, have been in foster care.


Half of former foster youth will not graduate high school.


Three times as many former foster youth will experience pregnancy before age 19 than the national average, and they are far more likely to lose their kids to foster care.

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