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Help Us Celebrate National Adoption Month, Tennessee-Style.

Help Kids In Foster Care Find Forever Homes.

Tennessee Kids Belong dramatically improves the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care.

During November, National Adoption Month, we will focus our attention on kids in foster care who need permanent, adoptive families.

One of our flagship programs, I Belong Project™, uses high-quality video storytelling to amplify the faces, voices and stories of kids in foster care who are legally free to be adopted.

Since 2016 TKB, together with The Department of Children’s Services, has filmed more than 700 children, and helped connect 52 percent with forever families

Celebrate National Adoption Month
Use your social media accounts to make a difference by following TKB and sharing 1 child’s video each day. You could help a child in foster care find a forever family.

Why Is Belonging So Important For Kids In Foster Care?

Approximately 1,000 youth age out of foster care in Tennessee each year.

Aging out leaves a teen without the support, love and stability of a place to belong.

Kids who age out of foster care experience an exponentially increased risk for the top 10 social wounds (See graphic.) including homelessness, young parenthood, low educational attainment, PTSD and other adverse adult outcomes.

Top 10 Social Wounds Experienced By Kids Who Age Out Of Foster Care

Foster care often leads to other long-term social wounds
Learn more about social wound stats for kids aging out of foster care here.

Half of new foster parents quit in the first year; many cite a lack of social support.

Foster Friendly Faith Communities

3 Ways You Can Help This November

Share an I Belong Project video on social media and/or during service.
Talk about adoption and risk factors for youth who age out of foster care
Become a faith community that is trauma aware / informed by training leaders, staff and volunteers serving in child and youth ministries

Foster Friendly Business

Here are some simple ways your business can support foster care in November.

Take the next step to become a Foster Friendly business and join our Foster Friendly App by creating a special offer for area foster families. Your support is about so much more than a discount; it shows families that their work is seen, valued and supported by their community — and that can directly impact the high attrition rate among foster families.

Share an I Belong Project video on social media and with your employees to raise awareness of the need and help engage new foster / adoptive parents.
Contact our team and we’ll work with you to coordinate a powerful and informative lunch ‘n learn for your team.
Join our Foster Friendly App and create an offer for area kinship and foster families from your business.