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Your Care And Commitment Can Help Change The Outcomes For Kids In Foster Care

Thank you for your interest and caring for kids in foster care. As you’ve watched some of their stories you see that these are just ordinary kids put in extraordinarily challenging circumstances through no fault of their own. And once you see and hear these kids you can’t unsee them again.

So what can you do?

Make a difference in the life of a child in foster care

Changing Experiences And Outcomes For Kids In Foster Care

Here Are 3 Things You Can Do To Advocate For Kids In Foster Care

Foster or Adopt

Are you interested in adopting one of the kids featured on our site? Or might you consider becoming a foster parent? Be sure to connect with us using the form below and we’ll offer you information, resources and support for the journey ahead.

Share The Stories

One of the simplest and most powerful steps you can take is to share our “I Belong Project” stories on your social media platforms to amplify each child’s story and educate more people about the critical needs in foster care in Georgia and nationwide.

Join Our Foster Friendly Movement

Our Foster Friendly App was created in response to the critical need for social support to sustain kinship and foster families. You can nominate businesses in our area to join the App or encourage your faith community to become Foster Friendly.

Facts About Adopting From Foster Care

If you have inquired about a child available for adoption the most important thing to recognize is that your heart is open to adoption. We invite you to connect with us and continue to learn from other adoptive parents, access resources to understand the process of adopting and fostering, and find other ways to make a difference even if those paths end up not being right for you at this time.

Adopting from Foster Care