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Helping Foster Parents (And Those Who Love Them) Become Trauma Aware

Foster and Adoptive Mom, Courtney Williams, describes how their eyes have been opened to a bright new world of diversity and new cultural experiences, as well as, how fostering and adopting have shaped her kids’ lives forever.

Beauty in the Brokenness: A Bio Mom and Foster Mom Walking Together
How Fostering and Adopting Has Taught and Forever Shaped a Family
Fostering and Adopting: Colorful Beauty and Rich Culture Joins the Brokenness of Racism
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Courtney Williams, a foster and adoptive mom in Colorado, shares how fostering and adopting has opened her eyes up to the beautiful colors of race, diversity, and culture in the world. Through fostering and adopting, she’s also had her eyes opened up to the tragedy and pain of racism experienced through the kids in her care. Courtney also shares about her journey walking alongside a bio mom whose parental rights were terminated. Through these experiences and lessons, Courtney states the impact has shaped her and her family forever.