Give Kids In Foster Care The Gift of Belonging

What Step Can You Take Next To Care For Kids In Foster Care?

Take just a couple minutes to experience what we at America’s Kids Belong experience with every I Belong Project shoot:

Kids in foster care are first and foremost kids! They’re funny and silly; hopeful and sad. They want the same things every kid wants: Someone to take care of them. Safety. Security. Simple pleasures like a meal out or help with homework. Get to know a few of the amazing kids whose stories we had the privilege to capture over the last year.

What Is Your Next Step?

Not Everyone Can Foster Or Adopt, But We All Can Do Something.

What is your something? Here are some of the many ways you can lean in and make a difference in the life of a child or many children starting today.


Visit our website often to meet kids in foster care who in need of adoptive families. We support about 500 kids a year who seek adoption.

Foster dad holding son


Many more foster parents are needed to provide temporary care until families can be reunified. Learn about how to become a certified foster parent.


Foster families need your support. Learn how your faith community, business or neighbors can become Foster Friendly to encourage, retain and help.

Americas Kids Belong


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As a retired businessman I’ve learned there are ways to help kids and families in foster care without becoming a foster parent.

I decided the only thing I won’t do is nothing.

Larry May

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