Give the Gift of Belonging

Meet Harvey

Harvey was 14 when his video first appeared on the America’s Kids Belong “I Belong Project” gallery.

At that time Harvey said, I have two goals:

  • Get out of the place I’m in right now and
  • Get into a foster home as soon as I can.

“Seeing his video, after knowing just a little bit about Harvey through his profile, was just a glimpse into his life,” his father, Mark, said. “Getting to hear his voice, hear him talk, it began to build this connection with a child that was like:

‘We can see him fitting into this home.’”

Watch Harvey’s Story.

Why Foster Care?

There are so many causes you can support, so it’s only natural to ask, “Why foster care?”

Here Are 3 Great Reasons:

  1. The Need Is Big — 400,000 kids in the U.S. have been removed from their homes due to abandonment, neglect or abuse.
  2. The Trauma Is Significant — Kids are suffering, shuffled from house to house, left to feel like they don’t belong. The losses in foster care keep coming–kids often get separated from siblings, taken out of their schools and away from friends.
  3. Belonging Is Life Changing – When kids age out of foster care–and 23,000 do each year–they face far greater risk for lifelong social wounds like the ones in this graphic…
Foster care often leads to other long-term social wounds

but, when kids find belonging in a family it changes their outcomes and creates hope for their futures, families and communities.

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