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Here’s What You Need To Know To Host A Great Foster Parents’ Night Out

Lots of faith communities already recognize the value of offering busy parents an occasional respite with a parents night out.

This helpful guide shows you how to adapt this idea to serve the special needs of kinship, foster and adoptive families in your community.

Foster Friendly Resources

Check Out These Additional Resources For Foster Friendly Faith

Foster Family Assessment

Get to know the kinship and foster families already in your community and understand how they are doing.

Kinship / Foster Support Groups

Your community can host a support group for kinship, adoptive and foster families to help make vital connections and offer a source of encouragement.

Wrap-Around Ministry

Wrap is a tool that mobilizes local faith communities to care for adoptive and foster families with a robust array of support from meals and groceries to transportation and home maintenance.

A lot of people don’t realize that simple things are no longer simple when you’re fostering. Mowing the lawn means two hours with only my wife watching two high-need kids. I’d love to have access to a discount on getting my lawn mowed.

Foster Dad

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