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You Can Inspire And Equip People To Foster / Adopt

Each year thousands of people are inspired to explore fostering and adoption after watching our I Belong Project videos.

Knowing where to start is hard; navigating the complex child-welfare system to the finish line often feels impossible! Even those who have the stamina to get licensed will quit at a rate of 50% in the first year.

Unfortunately kids in foster care don’t have the option to walk away, so the crisis continues of a tragically leaky bucket of recruitment and retention of foster families.

That’s where America’s Kids Belong comes in. We have the team and the resources to not only inspire, but equip folks at each stage of their journey, from exploration to thriving as a foster family.

Last year we kicked off our first webinar series in a live, interactive format. The result? 80% of attendees surveyed indicated that they intended to continue to pursue fostering.

Our 2024 FosterCon webinar series will offer inspiration and information to people seeking to foster or adopt. The highlight of each webinar is a live panel discussion featuring active foster / adoptive parents, former foster youth and experienced caseworkers.

There are half as many licensed foster parents as kids in care.

Half of new foster parents quit within year one.

Our 2024 FosterCon webinar series will continue to help close these gaps with an expanded content lineup and even more outstanding experts. parents and former foster youth ready to share their stories of foster care and adoption to help others on their way to create their own.

2024 FosterCon™ Lineup

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The Fourth of July release of Angel Studio’s film, “Possum Trot” is anticipated to create a national conversation about foster-adopt.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Series Sponsor

$ 5,000 (5 series available)

Benefits Include

  • Subtitle to Series
  • Acknowledged in all series promotion
  • Digital sponsor kit
  • Event website acknowledgment
  • National social media (Jul-Nov)
  • National social media (Jul-Nov)

Presenting Sponsor

$ 10,000 (up to 2)
$ 20,000 (exclusive)

Benefits Include

  • Subtitle to FosterCon
  • Lead sponsor on all event promotion
  • Digital social responsibility toolkit
  • 30-sec promo video by sponsor
  • Event website acknowledgment
  • National social media* (May – Nov)
  • Optional employee lunch ‘n learn (up to 2)
  • Quarterly and annual reporting on reach and impact

*Social media will include video by company spokesperson, 1 dedicated social media thank you post for each series launch,

Event Sponsor

$ 1,000 .

Benefits Include

  • Event title recognition
  • Event website acknowledgment
  • National social media (4 weeks leading up to event)
  • National social media (4 weeks leading up to event)

Care Sponsor

$ 100-500 .

Benefits Include

  • Sponsor Slide In Event
  • Event page recognition

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Heard In Our FosterCon Panels

“We WANT more families, so we are going to advocate and try to get you to that point, but we’re also vetting for the safety of the children.”
“It has stretched our family in good ways. Our kids ask us, ‘When are we gonna help some more kids?’ because it’s very close to their hearts.”
“I was able to adopt one of my longer-term foster children and that was the most rewarding to me. To actually have an adopted son.”
“It’s important to show the foster child – We’re a family unit, and you’re a part of it as long as you need to be.”
Have an open mind, space where the child feels safe. Let them open up on their terms.”
“You can run on empty and burn out in a year or you can accept help and keep going with the help of your community.”

Attendees Are Saying…

  • 375 people registered for one or more panels.
  • 50% said they intend to continue their fostering /adoption journey following the events.
  • 4.6 / 5 was the average satisfaction rating by attendees where 4 is very good and 5 is excellent.

Target Audience

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