Foster Friendly Faith Thank You

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in helping your faith community become Foster Friendly. As you explore which best practices fit best with your community and culture, be sure to check out our free resources to help you get started.

Foster Family Assessment

Get to know the kinship and foster families already in your community and understand how they are doing.

Foster Parents’ Night Out

Host a parents night out with some tweaks to meet the special needs of kinship, foster and adoptive families.

Wrap-Around Ministry

Wrap is a tool that mobilizes local faith communities to care for adoptive and foster families with a robust array of support from meals and groceries to transportation and home maintenance.

Y’all foster care is so hard–so heavy sometimes….I’m almost crying because she’s sick again and the next two days hold four more appointments for all of the different providers supporting her.

BUT THEN. The phone rang and it was someone from our local WRAP ministry office asking if it would be okay (would it?!?!) to deliver some freezer meals in an effort to support local foster families.

–Foster Mom

little girl in foster care sleeping

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