Foster Friendly Communities

Foster Friendly Communities are a people-centric community initiative that activates businesses, faith communities, nonprofits and elected leaders to create conditions where foster families and kids thrive, connected via our open-source platform, the Foster Friendly App.

Catch The Vision

Help Your Community Become Foster Friendly

How can your community become Foster Friendly?

America’s Kids Belong has a proven go-to-market model and all the resources you need along the way. The goal is over a three-year period to build a sustainable movement in your community where:

Foster Homes

  • 50% of foster homes download the App
  • There are enough foster homes for every child in care.
  • No net loss of foster homes


10% of retail businesses create offers for foster families, with a ocus on family entertainment and food


5% of faith communities join and offer ministries from WRAP teams and support groups to kids’ nights out for foster and kinship families.

Nonprofit Foster Closet


Foster closets and other nonprofits serving foster families join the App to make it easier for families to get connected.


Elected leaders and child welfare get behind the App with a Foster Friendly proclamation and onboarding of new families.

Our one-of-a-kind Foster Friendly App connects kinship and foster families with offers, resources and support across their community at the touch of a finger.
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What Does It Take?

The goal is for your community to become totally self-sustaining by year three. The only fixed cost is our licensing fee. The other estmates are offered for plannning purposes.

App License – $25,000

The annual license fee covers the costs to activate and maintain listings for your community and for families who join the App. It also covers America’s Kids Belong’s go-to-market support and resourcing.

Community Manager – $75,000

You need a part-time or full-time program manager to coordinate the initiative, sign up businesses and faith communities, and maintain relationships with key stakeholders: government, child welfare, businesses and faith partners.

Activation Partner – $50,000

Each community should seek to engage an activation partner, like a large church, child-placement agency or other organization with capacity to raise awareness and recruit participants efficiently.

This estimate is for America’s Kids Belong to provide activation support in lieu of a local partner in year one.

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