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Find Valuable Support As One Of South Dakota's Foster Families

As one of South Dakota’s foster parents or kinship caregivers, you’re essential to our kids and community. We recognize that one of the leading causes of foster-parent burnout is “a lack of social and community support.”

Our Foster Friendly App lets you know you’re not alone, connecting you with businesses, civic groups and faith communities in your area that are committed to supporting foster parents and kinship caregivers with valuable discounts and support services.

Get access to South Dakota’s Foster Friendly resources below.

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1. Download The Free Foster Friendly App

Foster Friendly is a free mobile app platform that connects foster families to discounts and support services from area businesses and organizations. Yes, special offers just for you, foster parents and kinship caregivers.

Scan these codes or search Foster Friendly in your App Store to download the app.

When you register, be sure to choose South Dakota as your state so you will see offers specific to your area.

(Check the app often, as new businesses and services are added regularly. )

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Google Play Foster Friendly App

2. Get Your Foster Parent Discount Card

We’ve partnered with South Dakota Department of Social Services to create a foster parent discount card. It gives you access to the full range of services and discounts available on the app. 

  • Meal deals
  • Recreation discounts
  • And many more
South Dakota Foster Friendly Parent Discount Card

NOTE: You’ll need to provide your DSS Resource ID number for your ID card. If you don’t know your ID number, contact your licensing specialist or relative/kinship support specialist for assistance.

Foster Friendly

3. Let’s Connect

Share your email address to keep up with the latest Foster Friendly resources in your area.