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Is Your Faith Community Foster Friendly?

Here Are The 3 Best Practices To Become A Foster Friendly Faith Community.

Ensure volunteers in child and youth ministry are trauma aware.

Offer trauma awareness training to staff, children and youth volunteers annually to ensure those serving in children and youth ministries are aware of the impact trauma can have on infants, children and teens.

Support kinship, adoptive and foster families.

Launch a ministry to support foster, kinship and adoptive families. America’s Kids Belong offers ideas and tools to help.

Teach on foster / adoption care at least once annually.

Teach in a main gathering on God’s heart for vulnerable children and families and give people an opportunity to respond. People of faith are significantly more likely to say yes to foster care and adoption than the general population. Your community can be part of changing who waits by reducing the gap in certified foster families. 

America’s Kids Belong Foster Friendly faith communities follow two of these three best practices to connect with and care for foster families.

Help Your Hometown Become Foster Friendly

As a church leader, you’re surrounded by worthy causes. What sets the Foster Friendly Community initiative apart is our commitment to creating dramatic and lasting change for local kids and families involved in foster care. And the best part?

Everyone can make a difference.

Beyond motivating individuals to foster, adopt or show up for families who do, you’ll have the opportunity to activate local businesses to make their vocations part of the solution. Most business-activation strategies rely on sponsorship dollars or workforce volunteer projects, Foster Friendly invites them to leverage their core offerings to assist with foster families’ practical, everyday needs.

Get Started Now To Join A 2025 Foster Friendly Community Cohort

Launches In May (Foster Care Awareness Month) And November (National Adoption Awareness Month)

Get started now to join one of our upcoming cohorts. We’ll guide you through each step of our go-to-market strategy, from pre-launch discovery to launch week and planning for long-term sustainability. You’ll learn with and from other communities across the country. And your hometown will become a national pioneer in transforming the face of foster care from “someone else’s problem” to a point of pride for your community that displays your commitment to care well for all children and families, especially the vulnerable.