Become A Social Media Advocate With America’s Kids Belong

About I Belong Project

I Belong Project is a powerful video storytelling initiative that film’s kids in foster care who are eligible to be adopted, elevating their faces and voices as they share their desire for a family and their hopes for the future.

Sharing these stories via our social media channels is one of the primary ways we inspire people to step forward to ensure every child experiences the gift of belonging.

  • Special focus on teens/siblings
  • 60% of IBP kids get matched
  • Gives kids agency in their own lives


Leverage Your Social Media Platform For Good

Share The Stories

Help increase awareness of foster care and kids in need of families by sharing posts of our I Belong Project kids’ videos.

Lend Your Voice

Use your voice to create content that educates your followers about the needs of kids in foster care and points to America’s Kids Belong as a place to help.


Coordinate a collaboration on social media with AKB to share specific kids’ stories with your platform.

Join Us Today

Let us know if you’d like to try serving as a social media advocate to support a specific campaign or if you’re willing to help on an ongoing basis.

We’ll follow up and get you started quickly.

The I Belong Project allows children to advocate for themselves and what they want with their adoption plan. I have experienced sibling groups being adopted together, families being matched with children considered “difficult to place” and in-state families being identified, allowing [bio family] connections to be maintained.”


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