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Foster Friendly

Foster families are of critical importance to vulnerable kids in our community. While not everyone can be a foster family, everyone can do something to improve outcomes and experiences for these kids. Your business can help good foster families stay the course by showing them appreciation and helping their growing family. Offer a specific foster friendly discount today!


Join businesses from our state and others across the nation in being foster friendly. We are already helping over 2,300 foster families nationwide and growing every day!


Watch this video to see how one business is making a life-changing difference in Tennessee! ⮞


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What Can I Do?

How can I make an impact through my business to create a more Foster Friendly Kentucky?


Foster families can go from 2 kids at their breakfast table to 5 kids at their dinner table. Suddenly, things like eating out, going to the movies, and extracurricular activities might become a little out of reach. Offering discounts or freebies to these families lightens their financial load and helps them feel seen and appreciated in our community. Being Foster Friendly also encourages others to consider becoming foster parents themselves when they see how the local business community supports them. Become a Foster Friendly business!


We can help you educate and engage your employees to raise awareness and help them see how they can support kids and families in foster care, or we can consult with you about Foster Friendly HR practices.


Empower older youth exiting foster care without a family. Your business can help set them up for success such as providing interview clothes for a new job, a laptop for school, or offer jobs, internships, or apprenticeships.


Our signature program, the I Belong Project™, partners with the Department of Children’s Services to make high-quality 2-minute videos for kids in foster care who are legally free for adoption. Across all country where I Belong Project films, these videos are increasing awareness of children needing families and improving the adoption match rate between 50-80%. Make a tax-deductible donation of any size to directly support the work of Kentucky Kids Belong and our I Belong Project™ here in Kentucky.

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