Thousands Of Kids In Foster Care Need Families.

And Those Families Deserve Our Support.

At America’s Kids Belong we’re dramatically improving the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care.

2022 Annual Report

Check out our 2022 Impact Report where we address this question: What’s A Family Worth? That’s the true measure of our impact: As we connect kids in foster care with families either “for now” — or when reunification is no longer possible –“forever.” through adoptive families, the impact on their lives and those of their families are powerful.

2022 Impact Report: What's A Family Worth?

We Are Committed To:

Family Recruitment

Family Recruitment

A family for every child

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

A Foster Friendly community for every family

Coalitions for Change

Coalitions for Change

Hope for every community

Opening Your Heart: The Power of Saying ‘Yes’ to a Child in Foster Care

IMAGINE being awakened in the middle of the night…and a fireman is standing on the front porch with a little girl and says…’Would you keep her safe tonight?’
Most of us think we’d answer YES. Yet if you’re not ‘on the list’ of certified foster parents or Foster Friendly supporters, you may actually be saying “No” to vulnerable kids in your community.
Watch CEO Todd Kinzle’s video below to learn more.
Be The Lion In Someone’s Story


Explore Adoption.

Meet some of the amazing kids in foster care in need of forever families.

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We’re Committed to a Family for Every Child

Family Recruitment

Hundreds of thousands of kids in the U.S. foster care system are unseen and suffering, left to feel like they don’t belong. We dramatically improve their experiences and outcomes so they can thrive in safe, loving families and supportive communities where they belong.


Preventing a child from entering the foster care system is always the top priority, including kinship care where children live with extended family. Our Foster Friendly App gives kinship and foster families access to discounts, services and wrap-around support.


When foster care is necessary we help raise awareness of the need for foster parents and accompany parents who say “yes” on their journey to become foster parents.
Explore Fostering


Nearly half of foster parents stop fostering within the first year, many citing a “lack of social support.” That’s where our Foster Friendly Communities come in. Businesses, faith communities and civic organizations can play an instrumental role in appreciating, encouraging and supporting foster families.
Make Your Community Foster Friendly.


Of the more than 400,000 kids in the U.S. foster care system, 100,000 are unable to be reunified with their biological families and are eligible for adoption. Our I Belong Project uses powerful video storytelling to help hundreds of kids each year to find forever families and a place they belong.
Adopt A Child From Foster Care.


Kids in the U.S. foster care system


Kids are eligible for adoption

Kids in the U.S. foster care system
Kids are eligible for adoption

And yet…

Child welfare systems are chronically under-funded and overworked.

There is a shortfall of
certified foster parents.

Nearly half of foster parents stop fostering within the first year.

23,000 kids age out of foster care each year without the support and stability of a family.

Without the life-changing support of a forever family and community, kids who age out of foster care alone face daunting odds:

1 in 4

Become justice-involved

1 in 4

Do not graduate high school
or pass the GED

1 in 2


1 in 2

Develop substance


A Foster Friendly Community for Every Family

We’re committed to a community for every family. In order to support and retain families we equip businesses, faith communities and civic organizations to become Foster Friendly and help connect them with local families via our innovative Foster Friendly App. Nearly 1,000 national and local offers are on the app and the number expands daily.


Together We Can Bring Hope to Every Community

We are committed to bringing hope to every community. Our innovative model helps forge coalitions of leaders in state and local government, child welfare, business, faith communities and civic organizations to raise awareness and drive sustainable change in foster care.

Are you ready to help your community become Foster Friendly?

Take the next step. Explore how your family, business, faith community and town can become Foster Friendly.

The journey begins, of course, by connecting.