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Single Foster Dad Shares Why He Fosters Teen Boys About To Age Out of Foster Care

Terry Gray is a single foster dad to teen boys on the verge of aging out of foster care. Why did he become a foster dad? He says, “I have the opportunity. I have the means. I have the desire to. Also, it felt like I have the responsibility to do it as well.”

Could You Be A Foster Dad or Parent?


Many people consider fostering, but few take the next step to explore what it takes, mostly due to misunderstandings about what foster care is, why children are in care, who can foster and how your family may be affected.

More than 400,000 kids are in foster care in the U.S., with only about 200,000 licensed foster homes to care for them. You can help close the gap by exploring the many ways to care for vulnerable kids. Take the next step to learn more.

Consider Adopting An Older Child or Sibling Group

When reunification with a child’s biological family is not possible, kids in foster care may become eligible for adoption..

Our I Belong Project is a video storytelling initiative that elevates the voices of kids in foster care to help connect them with adoptive families.
Whether you’re just beginning the journey to foster, you’re a seasoned foster parent considering adoption or you’re simply someone with a heart for vulnerable kids, we hope you’ll take a few minutes to meet and hear from some of the amazing kids waiting for families.

Help Your Community Become Foster Friendly To Support And Retain Foster Families

At America’s Kids Belong we’re working to ensure a family for every child and a Foster Friendly community for every family.

In addition to a shortage of licensed foster and kinship families, 50 percent of new families stop fostering in the first year, many citing a lack of community support.

One way we are working to retain foster families is by encouraging communities to wrap-around the foster families who are standing in the gap with the vulnerable kids.

Learn what it takes to help your community become Foster Friendly.

Join our Foster Friendly App!

Our Foster Friendly App connects foster and kinship families with Foster Friendly businesses, faith communities and nonprofits who offer discounts and practical help to support local foster families.

When families feel supported they are more likely to continue fostering.

Currently available in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia. (Choose your state to learn more.)

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What’s A Family Worth?

Of all the ways to care for kids in foster care, a family has the greatest ability to transform their lives and futures. Kids who age out without belonging to a family are at far greater risk for many social wounds:

1 in 4

Become justice-involved

1 in 4

Drop out of high school

1 in 2

Become homeless within 18 months

1 in 2

Become addicted

And three-quarters of young women will experience an unplanned pregnancy before age 21 and increase the risk of perpetuating a generational cycle of foster care.