May Is Foster Care Awareness Month

4 Questions To Ask Yourself

Your YES could dramatically improve experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care.

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1. Could I Become A Foster Parent?


Many people consider fostering, but few take the next step to explore what it takes, mostly due to misunderstandings about what foster care is, why children are in care, who can foster and how your family may be affected.

Throughout Foster Care Awareness Month; we’re inviting you to be one of 1,ooo people who say YES to learning more about what it takes to stand in the gap with vulnerable kids. And we’ll help you learn more about some of the most common concerns we hear.

Two Moms, One Purpose: How the Love of a Bio Mom and Foster Mom Changed Lives

Courtney Williams and her husband have fostered 51 children and adopted six in addition to parenting three bio children. Courtney shares her own walk alongside the foster mom of two of her kiddos and models with compassion the role of a foster mom to be for both the kids in her care and the reunification of their bio family.

GOAL for YESes to explore fostering.


Current YESes

2. Could I Adopt An Older Child or Sibling Group?

When reunification with a child’s biological family is not possible, kids in foster care may become eligible for adoption as their chance for a family who will provide unconditional, lifelong love and care for them. Because this process takes several years, most kids who are eligible for adoption are over age 7 and have been in the foster care system for some time.

Our I Belong Project is a video storytelling initiative that elevates the faces and voices of kids in foster care and helps connect them with potential adoptive families.
Whether you’re just beginning your journey to foster, you’re a seasoned foster parent considering adoption or you’re simply someone with a heart for vulnerable kids, we hope you’ll take some time to meet, listen to and see some of the amazing kids currently in need of adoptive families.

3. Could My Business Be Foster Friendly?

Is your business:

  1. Available nationally online
  2. In California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tennessee or Virginia

Join our Foster Friendly App!

When your business creates an offer on the app it tell foster families they are not alone by showing them that encouragement, support and a helping hand are as close as their fingertips.

When families feel supported they are more likely to continue fostering.

4. Can I Wrap Around A Foster Family?

Maybe now is not the right time for you foster. You might be surprised to learn that half of new foster parents quit in the first year. Another way you can be part of helping kids in foster care find homes is by forming a WRAP team with your community group, neighborhood, church or co-workers to provide practical help and support to families that foster. (It works great for new adoptive families too!).

Choose Your Yes

And…Can I Help Fund The Mission?

If you can’t take action right now on our options to serve you still can make a difference!

Your financial support will help make all of this possible!

Recruit More Foster Parents

Build More Foster Friendly Communities

Connect More Kids With Adoptive Families

Retain more foster families.

What’s A Family Worth?

Of all the ways to care for kids in foster care, a family has the greatest ability to transform their lives and futures. Kids who age out without belonging to a family are at far greater risk for many social wounds:

1 in 4

Become justice-involved

1 in 4

Drop out of high school

1 in 2

Become homelessness within 18 months

1 in 2

Become addicted

And three-quarters of young women will experience an unplanned pregnancy before age 21 and increase the risk of perpetuating a generational cycle of foster care.