“It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
– Frederick Douglass

When a child is placed into a loving foster home or eventually adopted from foster care by a loving and supportive family, his or her life improves dramatically. Research shows us that these children who have found loving homes improve in school; they thrive emotionally and physically; and they have better chance of finding employment and leading a productive life.

America’s Kids Belong tackles our country’s
foster care and adoption crisis from the top down and the bottom up

Grass Tops

Employ the “Virginia Adopts” model from the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • Personal attention and buy-in from Governor.
  • Used micro-targeting, coalition-building, consistent messaging.




More children placed in permanent homes over the prior year

Increase in the number of children placed in permanent homes in 2013

Grass Roots

Employ the “Adopt Colorado Kids” model

  • Partnered with Colorado Department of Human Services on the Colorado Heart Gallery project.
  • Created videos and did recruitment events throughout the state of Colorado.
  • Collaborated with faith-based communities, business and public venues to find foster and adoptive homes for kids.


100’s of the longest-waiting children placed in permanent homes for the entire state of Colorado with the help of multiple partners.

2021 Impact Report

Key Impacts 2021: Printable Infographic


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