Meet Trent

Trent is described as being friendly, caring, outgoing, and funny with a good sense of humor. He loves to play video games, basketball, and karate. He also likes being social with other children his age. He can be a little shy when meeting new people, but that quickly fades away and he can become very talkative and friendly. When Trent is angry or sad, he does have a tendency to shut down and withdraw himself emotionally.

Trent will do well in either a two-parent or single-parent home. He should be in a home where he is either the youngest or only child. He needs a family that is willing to love him unconditionally and put in the time to “crack open his shell.” The family will need to be patient and understanding of Trent and his needs as he has dealt with instability and constant change all of his life. Trent begins to thrive when he feels safe and knows that he has support and unconditional love.

Are You Interested?

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