Meet Katlynn & Kayla

Kayla is very friendly girl who enjoys being outside, listening to music, working on puzzles, interacting with her sister, and engaging in any arts and craft activities that are provided for her. She enjoys a variety of foods and has a big appetite. Kayla does well in school with academic assistance. Kayla very much wants to be adopted and become part of a family that is willing to help her reach her potential. She will be adopted with her sister, Katlynn.

Katlynn has been described as very sociable and friendly. She interacts well with her peers. She enjoys singing, dancing, doing puzzles, arts and crafts, being outside, and interacting with her sister. Katlynn loves to make sure that she looks appropriate at all times. She takes pride in her physical appearance and is very fashionable. Kayla loves food and has a healthy appetite. Katlynn does well in school with academic assistance. She and her sister, Kayla will be adopted together. Katlynn is eager to find her forever family.

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