Colorado Kids Belong began when Adopt Colorado Kids was established in 2013 by Founder, Julie Mavis, to address the foster care crisis in Colorado. Through strategic partnerships with the State and other organizations, Adopt Colorado Kids helped hundreds of waiting children and youth find forever homes. 

In 2015, Adopt Colorado Kids helped launch America’s Kids Belong to begin tackling the foster care crisis in other states. In 2019, Colorado launched as a state chapter of America’s Kids Belong and continues to be laser-focused on Colorado’s children and youth who are impacted by foster care and the need for belonging. 



Colorado’s Kids

On an average day in Colorado, 11 children or teens enter foster care because their parents need time to learn new skills to become the parents their children need them to be.

There are over 4000 children in foster care or other out-of-home placement in Colorado. Of these, there are approximately 800 children and teens living in a congregate setting, such as residential treatment center or a group home. Many of these 800 children and teens are ready to live with a foster family, where they are better able to heal from their past traumatic experiences, but no foster family is available to care for them. Over 400 are available for adoption. In other words, Colorado is experiencing a shortage of foster and adoptive parents.

When children age-out of the system at 18 without a family, they are significantly more likely to experience homelessness, unplanned pregnancy, incarceration, sex trafficking, mental health issues, poverty, addiction, dropping out of school, suicide, and losing their own kids to foster care.


I Belong Project ™


The I Belong Project ™ started as a Colorado initiative and has become one of America’s Kids Belong signature programs in other states. The I Belong Project™ uses high quality videography to give children in foster care a face and a voice. These videos serve as individual recruitment tools for foster children who are legally-free for adoption and are waiting for their forever family.

America’s Kids Belong Colorado is contracted with Larimer County to recruit and support foster and adoptive families for Larimer County’s waiting children and youth.

We partner with churches, businesses and the community to make these days a beautiful experience for all of the children who attend. We give them a portrait, provide crafts, snacks, games and most importantly individual attention focusing on their strengths, hopes and dreams. 

Meet some of our Colorado Kids waiting to belong:

Meet Kids waiting across the US:


Partner With Us!

We want  Colorado  to become one of our country’s most “Foster Friendly” states by raising awareness and providing supportive communities around foster families and kids in foster care.  Help us by becoming or nominating a Community Partner or Foster Friendly Business in Colorado.

The Solution

The Solution Is…



Prospective Parents


Every day we meet more individuals and families who are considering taking the leap to become foster parents. We know you probably have a lot of questions and would need more answers before committing. That’s normal.

Just don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from moving forward. Together we can give every child a face and a voice. Together we can show each child that they are precious, seen, and worthy of belonging.

Next Steps

Become a Foster Parent

While you may foster or adopt from any county or through a child placement agency, a good place to start the process is by calling your local county department. You might also google “[your county] foster care” to see if they hold informational meetings. The button below will take you to the State web page that lists all Colorado Counties and Agencies.

Become a Foster Adoptive Parent

Access answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click the button below:

Contact us with questions and/or request our Adoption Interest Paper, or email Tracee Rudd using the button below:

Contact Us

If you would simply like to know more about CO Kids Belong please use the button below to contact Tracee Rudd.


Together we can give every child a face and a voice.
Together we can show each child that they are precious, seen, and worthy of belonging.


Tracee Rudd

State Director

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Britt Kelley

Regional Community
Engagement Manager

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Courtney Williams

I Belong Project™ Manager
& Larimer County Recruiter

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Ashley Cox

Regional Community
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Corrie Kraft

Team Coordinator

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From Fear to Love by Bryan Post

Born for Love by Dr. Bruce Perry

Parenting the Hurt Child by Gregory Keck & Regina Kupecky

Parenting Adopted Adolescents by Gregory Keck

The Connected Child by Dr. Karyn Purvis and David Cross

No Drama Discipline by Daniel Seigel and Tina Bryson

The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel Seigel and Tina Bryson

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew by Sherrie Eldridge

Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control by Heather T. Forbes

Help for Billy by Heather T. Forbes

The Lucky Few by Heather Avis

The Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk


ReMoved –  View Part 1 l View Part 2

Lion – View in IMDB

Paper Tigers (KPJR Films)

Instant Family

Foster – (HBO Documentary)

I am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story


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